Monday, October 15, 2012

1-Side Driving

Improve driving accuracy by eliminating one side of the golf course

What to do:
Pick a side of the driving range that has a tall net, trees or water bordering it on that side... if your range does not have any of these, the edge of the range will do.  Pick a target as close to the edge as possible, and hit 10 shots to that target.  Each shot should be as aggressive as possible, however keep in mind the side on which you CANNOT miss.  Trees, water, OB, etc. is no good, so really focus on landing your shot just to the opposite side.  Attempt to hit all 10 shots close to the pin without a poor miss.

How I did:
Missed 1 out of 10 shots to the left which was trees... all the rest were either at or to the right of the flag stick.   

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