Monday, November 26, 2012

Putting Reps

Improve short putting through focus and routine

What to do:
This drill requires focus and stamina.  You'll need a handful of golf balls, your putter and a relatively straight 4-footer.  Once you've located a straight putt and placed a marker 4 feet from the hole, your objective is to make 25 putts in a row from this spot.  However, you must go through your FULL ROUTINE for every putt!  This drill is not meant to test your ability to mindlessly knock in 25 putts; rather it challenges and strengthens your pre-shot preparation and mental discipline.  Improve your ability to sink putts under pressure with focus on a sound pre-shot routine. 

How I did:
Made all 25 on my second try... Took around 20 minutes.

Beginners do 10

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