Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Land Them Soft

Develop touch for short chips with little green to work with

What to do:
Take your highest lofted wedge and 5 balls to the chipping green.  Pick a flat spot near the green with room to back up and hit progressively longer chips to a target on the green.  Select a hole 5 paces from the fringe, or if there is no hole mark the spot with a tee.  The space between your tee/hole and the fringe is the "acceptable zone".  Now, from one yard off the green hit 5 chips in a row attempting to land each one on the green, not letting it roll out of the "acceptable zone".  Do this 5 times in a row with each of your 5 balls and you may move back 1 pace.  Repeat this process, pulling off 5 "soft landing" shots that do not roll out of your boundary, then moving back 1 pace.  Attempt to make it back 10 paces, executing 5 quality shots in a row to finish.  If you do miss a shot, either landing it short of the green or letting it roll out of the zone, start over from the distance you currently play from.  Do not completely start over! 

How I did:
Using my 60 degree L-wedge, I finished this drill missing only 4 times.  As the distance became longer it obviously became more difficult to hit a shot long enough to carry the fringe but soft enough to keep it short of the hole. 

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