Monday, March 26, 2012

Narrow Your Focus (Playing Drill)

Tighten up your ball striking by using this mindset on the course

This drill is to be done while playing a round.  My two coaches, Dr. Bob Christina and Eric Alpenfels, strongly advocate this way of playing.  What you do is this:  mentally divide the fairway in half on your tee shots and pick a side of the pin on your approaches.  On tee shots, pick either the left side of the fairway or right and attempt to hit it.  On your approach, pick the portion of the green to the right or to the left of the flagstick and try to leave your ball on your chosen side.  This "shrinking" of your target will narrow your focus, bringing your attention to a much more defined area of acceptability. 

How I did:
This one is difficult to carry through your entire round.  I have to stay on myself with every tee shot and approach, making sure I've picked a side and made a swing towards the smaller target.  The more I do this the easier it gets, and I've found my ball striking improves every time I play this way. 

Beginner- Pick a side of the fairway and try to hit the center of every green


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