Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scoring Zone

Sharpen the 80 to 115 yard wedge shots that are so critical to scoring

What to do:
Late in the afternoon once your golf course clears, take a cart and head to the first hole.  Drop a ball at the 80 yards from the pin and play the hole.  On the next hole, move back to 85 yards and play from there.  Tee off from 90 yards on Hole 3, and continue playing in this fashion, moving back in 5 yard increments until you reach 115 yards on the 8th hole.  Don't play from more than this distance, simply start over at 80 yards on the 9th.  See how low you can score playing 18 holes in this fashion.  Also, take note of your proximity to the hole on each shot. 

How I did:
Look for results on Tuesday.

Beginner- Play 9

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