Sunday, June 24, 2012

Putting Lines

Enhances feel for break and speed

What to do:
Grab five golf balls and your putter.  Pick a putt with some break and read it.  Drop your balls on the line that you've read, spaced apart about a foot, starting at a 2 foot distance.  Make all of the putts you've given yourself, starting with the 2 footer and moving back with each successful stroke.  Do not take practice strokes, simply step back to the next one and make a stroke.  Once you've made all 5 putts in a row, repeat this process on the opposite side.  Do this 4 ways around the hole, in North-South-East-West fashion.  Feel your confidence grow as you make putt after putt.

How I did:
I was able to complete this one only missing 5 times, 4 times on the 6-footers and once from 3-feet.

Scaling: None

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