Sunday, February 17, 2013

Putting for $1's

Closest to the hole putting contest for time-constrained golfers

What to do:

Find someone to putt with and head to the practice green along with 1 ball and your flat-stick.  The game is simple: players take turns selecting a hole to which both players will stroke a putt.  After a hole is picked and both players have gone, the ball resting closest to the hole wins, say, $1.00 (put something of worth on each hole...  I'm advocating gambling, only added pressure to each putt).  Play as many holes in this fashion as time allows.  For added gain, when playing second on a particular hole do not watch the first player's putt.  This ensures that you receive no advantage by "going to school" on the first putt.  (I call this the 'NO LOOK' local rule).  Of course this applies to your competitor as well...

How I did:
I never lose. 

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