Monday, March 4, 2013

Sand Snake

Improve distance control of green-side bunker shots

What to do:
Take your sand wedge and 7 balls into a sand trap located either on your practice facility or on an empty golf hole.  Arrange all 7 balls in a winding line, beginning as far up the bunker face as possible, extending backwards as far up the rear face as possible.  The balls should be evenly spaced out, leaving you a mix of uphill, flat and downhill green-side sand shots.  Once you're organized, start with the ball closest to the green, playing a bunker shot to a hole of your choosing.  Upon executing the first shot, take note of its proximity to the hole.  Move on to the second ball and attempt to put it even closer.  Repeat this process until you've played each of your 7 shots to a hole in this focused fashion.  The purpose of this drill is not to attain an objective score or goal, but rather to focus intensely on 7 unique sand-shots and strive for improvement with each successive explosion.  Stay patient and go through your full routine before pulling the trigger. 

How I did:
Was able to better my previous shot 3 times.  What made this drill difficult the fact that each of my 7 shots became progressively more challenging as I moved backwards in the bunker.  My final shot left my right leg outside the bunker, body tilting 45 degrees forward. 

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