Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smallest Target Shotmaking

Improve your ability to hit any target by practicing to absurdly small windows

What to do:
Once you've warmed up on the driving range, locate 2 objects in the distance that are roughly 3-7 paces apart.  The space in between them will be your "acceptable" landing area for shots that you will hit.  Imagine that there is Water and Out-of-Bounds on either side of these boundaries, and that you must land your shot inside these defined boundary markers to keep your ball safe. 

Once you have your target zone defined, hit 3 shots with each club, attempting to land each inside your two points.  If it rolls outside, that's OK for this drill... you're just trying to fly the ball into the safe zone. You should hit 39 total shots (13 clubs x 3 shots for each club). 

Tally how many shots your were able to successfully fly onto safe grass, away from the O.B. and Water.

How I did:
Look back later, trying this today!

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