Monday, April 1, 2013

Shark Tank Putting

Do or die putting game

What to do:
Picture yourself strapped into a harness, suspended in air by a rope and pulley system, dangling perilously over a large water-filled tank.  Inside it teems a school of hungry sharks with an appetite for human meat.  Pretty terrible, right?

You do have control of your fate, however, as you will see in this week's putting game...

Bring 1 golf ball, 7 tees and a putter to the practice green.  Pick a relatively straight putt and, with a tee, mark a spot on that line 3 feet from the hole.  Mark 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet.. all the way to 9 feet.  Once you have your marks placed in this fashion, begin by hitting a putt from the middle mark, which is the 6-footer.  If you miss, move to the 5-footer... if you make move back to the 7-foot putt.  You will continue to play the game this way, moving back one mark if you make the putt, or moving forward one mark if you miss.  Each miss brings your feet closer to the water's edge, while each make lifts you away from the gaping jaws and slapping fins.  The game is won by making it all the way to the 9-foot putt and sinking it.  However, if you miss your way down to the 3-footer and then fail to hole out, you fall into the "shark tank", losing the game! 

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