Monday, December 12, 2011

Even Par ShortGame Challenge

See how sharp your short game really is

What to do:
Pick the club you chip with most often (in my case it's my 54-degree sand wedge) and also grab your putter and 1 ball.  Go to a green on which you can both chip and putt.  Play 10 different holes, picking randomly after completing the hole before, trying to score as low as you can.  Pretend each is a par-2, meaning you have to at least get the ball up and down to make par.  Chip-ins are birdies, a 3 is a bogey, and so on.  Add variety to each hole, mixing in different types of shots and different levels of difficulty.  If you do this and score an even-par 20, congrats... you're a stud.

How I did:

Even-par (20) last time I did it.  I'm usually around +1 (21).  

This is one of my favorite drills because of how closely it resembles on-course play.  I am alternating shots and trying to post an actual score which I compare to past ones, checking for improvement every time.  An idea: try doing this drill twice during a practice session, once at the beginning then once at the end, and see if there's any improvement in your score.  I do this drill quite often and would recommend it for anyone truly trying to become a better golfer.  

No scaling for this one, just see what you shoot and aim for improvement on the next go-around.   


  1. Can we use more than one club to chip with ex. A 56 and 60 or do you suggest that we use only one club?

  2. I'd say it's even better if you mix in different clubs, especially if you like chipping "through the bag", using different clubs for different shots. I carry a 54 and a 60, and so many times I'll alternate between them when doing this game.

  3. Thanks! I tried the game and I really like it, it really helped me get into "competition" mode which really is hard for me to do when practicing. This is a great site!! keep it up.