Monday, December 5, 2011

Game of the Week

In the wake of Tiger's epic fall from the top, many players have managed to string together good play, attracting the attention of the golfing world... but no one has done so with the consistency of Luke Donald.  In his 2011 season on the PGA Tour he won twice, had 14 top-10 finishes, made 17 of 19 cuts, led the money list ($6.7 million), had the low scoring average, and ascended to #1 in the World Rankings.  Though not a bomber off the tee (T147th in driving distance), nor spectacularly accurate (57th driving accuracy, 41st greens in reg.), he has become the most consistent, and consequently the best, player on earth today.  One stat does stand out for Luke Donald, and I believe it is the key to his recent success.  Luke leads the Tour in the all-around putting statistic.  His greatest asset is that he almost never wastes a shot by 3-putting.  At one point this year, Donald went 449 holes, nearly 25 rounds, without a 3-putt!  This is powerful information, as it unearths an indisputable factor of success.  Those who waste the least shots on the greens ultimately save the most shots on their scorecards.  Which leads into today's Game of the Week...

"No 3-putts"
 For getting that clutch 2-putt under pressure 

What to do:
Take 2 balls onto the practice green and pick a putt over 30 feet.  Hit 2 putts to the hole, attempting to hole out or snuggle it up as close as possible.  Once you've hit both putts, pick the one farthest from the hole and attempt to finish the 2-putt.  If you do in fact 2-putt, you're free to move on.  However, if you 1-putt either of the initial putts then it stands and you immediately move on, attempting to 1 or 2-putt again to a different hole.  Repeat this process, picking different holes to putt to, always over 30 feet to begin.  If you 3-putt at any point (unless you 1-putt one of the two first putts for that hole) you must start over.  Attempt to at least 2-putt on your worst ball 10 times in a row.  

How I did:
I had to start over twice... once on my 3rd hole and once on my 8th.  Be patient with this one and don't be ashamed to scale if necessary.

Intermediate- 5 holes instead of 10.
Beginner- Play your closest first putt as opposed to the farthest.  5 holes instead of 10.

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