Monday, December 19, 2011

Play Nine

Full swing through the bag, prepare your mind
What to do:
On the range, pick a course you will soon play and complete 9 holes tee to green (tee shot and approach shots, no putting).  Begin on the first tee, picturing the hole in as much detail as possible.  Go through your full routine for each shot, execute it, and then move on just as you would in a regular round.  If you miss a shot, don’t dwell on it and don’t try it again… move on to the next one.  The point of this drill is to conjure up as much imagery as possible, both of the course and the shot, and to stay disciplined in moving on to the next shot.  The combination of imagery and focus on the present shot will prepare your mind for the upcoming round. 

How I did:
This one’s tough to assess because there’s no objective goal to keep track of.  While the steps for this drill are important and clear (imagine each hole, imagine each shot, execute the shot, move on), there are no external goals.  Take note of how well you stick to each step, and how vivid your imagery is.  I left this drill with a good idea for how well I was able to focus on that particular day… you will too.  Just keep concentrating and stick to the process.   You’ll get a lot out of this one. 

Beginner: Play 3 holes
Intermediate: Play 6 holes

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