Monday, February 27, 2012


Force yourself to hit quality lag putts, and make pressure-packed knee-knockers

What to do:
This game is a classic.  Wonderful for honing in your speed, the concept is very simple... make the putt or suffer a consequence.  The consequence is an additional club-length of distance added to your next putt.  All you need for this drill is one ball, your putter and a practice green with some room to hit longer putts.  On the green, pick a putt outside 30 feet and, going through your full routine first, try to make (or leave as close as possible to the hole) your putt.  If you do make the putt, congratulations, the next hole awaits.  However if you miss, draw the ball away from the hole 1 club length and putt from its new position.  Play 9 holes on the practice green in this fashion and see how low you can shoot.  Consider every hole a par-2.  Each hole should be slightly different from the last.

How I did:
+1 last go around... not bad, but can be bettered.

Beginner- Only draw back putts that come to rest short of the hole.

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