Monday, February 6, 2012

First to 7 Chipping Contest

2 or more player chipping game 

What to do:
This is a 2-player game so find at least one other person to compete with.  Each player should have 2 balls and a wedge.  The process for this game is simple: In a 2-person game, after deciding which hole to chip to, each player hits 2 chips, attempting to hit each as close as possible.  After both players have hit both of their chips, they compare each-others worst shot, seeing which is closest to the hole.  The player whose worst shot is closer than the other player's worst gets a point for that hole.  (There is one exception... if a player holes-out, making a chip than that shot counts no matter where his/her other chip ends up).  A new hole is then selected and the process is repeated, both players hitting both chips, comparing each-others respective worst shots.  The first person to score 7 points wins.

This drill can also be modified if 2 players of different skill levels wish to play eachother.  All you do is compare the better player's worst shot to the less-skilled player's best.  This forces the better player to hit 2 quality shots while giving the higher-handicapped player an opportunity to score some points.   

This game works great for more than 2 players as well.  The process remains the same... the person with the closest "worst shot" gets the point.  The only difference is it may take a little while longer for someone to score 7 points  because there is more competition for the points. 

How I did:
My results vary depending on who I play :)

As stated above, a low-handicapped player may wish to play a high-handicapper, and in this case the worse player compares the best of his 2 shots to the greater skilled competitor's worst.

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