Monday, February 13, 2012

Speed Ladder

Hone in your speed on the greens from medium to long distances

What to do:
You’ll need your putter, a few golf balls and a handful of tees.  Pick a flat, 15-foot putt and place a tee down to mark where you’ll hit the putt from.  Take another tee and put it 2 feet behind the hole, marking the acceptable, tap-in distance in the event you miss the putt.  Move back to your “tee marker’ from 15 feet and hit a putt, attempting to make the putt, or if you miss to leave yourself in between the hole and the tee you put down behind it.  This will train you to hit your putts with proper speed getting the ball to the hole but not running it by too far.  If you make or miss the putt within the tee then move one club length back (roughly 3 feet) and hit another putt with the same objective.  If you miss short of the hole or behind the tee, start over at your original tee (15 feet).  See how many putts you can hit with perfect speed, moving back 1 club length with each successful putt. 

How I did:
After 3 attempts at this drill my best result was 7 putts before I missed short of the hole.  Great drill… one that I need to do quite often.

Beginner-  Move the tee 3 feet behind the hole, giving yourself more room to miss past the hole.

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