Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hear it Fall

Groove a trusting putting stroke

What to do:
In this drill you with make 50 putts in a row without watching any of them fall into the hole.  Take 5 balls and mark a spot 4 feet from the hole.  Make 25 putts in a row with your eyes closed.  Reset your golf balls and make 25 more with open eyes, yet without training them on the ball as it rolls towards the hole.  Rather, keep them focused on the ball’s original resting position.  If at any time you open your eyes during the first 25, or allow your eyes to watch a putt go in, start over. 

How I did:
This drill requires more focus than it may seem at first.  I completed this drill recently on my first try, but I can tell you that it does require a lot of focus.  If your habit is to peek at the hole, then you’ll have to fight the urge over 50 putts. 

Beginner- Hit all 50 putts from 2 feet away.  The important aspect of this game is that you’re keeping you’re focus on a process. 

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