Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Between the Wickets

Start your putts on line

What to do:
Take 2 tees, your putter and a handful of golf balls to the putting green and find a straight putt. Standing about 4 feet from a hole, drop a ball onto the green about that distance from the hole.  Arrange your tees about halfway to the hole like to goal posts or wickets, with enough room for 2 golf balls to fit side by side between them.   Your object is to roll putts between the tees, and then into the hole.  Try to make 20 in a row from this distance without hitting the tees. 

How I did:

Was able to do this on the first try.  Feel free to shrink the space between your tees to add difficulty. 

Beginner- Make 5 in a row
Intermediate- Make 10 in a row

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