Monday, May 7, 2012

Slam Dunk

Focus on landing chips where you want

What to do:
Grab your most lofted club (in my case it's a 60 degree L-Wedge).  On a chipping green, pick a hole and give yourself about 5 paces from which to chip to it.  Attempt to fly a shot directly into the hole.  Once you have done this, move back 1 pace and try to fly in another.  Repeat this until "dunking" a shot from 10 paces away.  When completed, you will have flown in 6 shots.

How I did:
This one took me a while.  It's a great game though... not only is it very effective in moving your focus to a landing spot while you chip, but it's also fun.  The tendency is to land your first few chips a little short, but as you continue to focus in on the hole it becomes easier to fly them where you want. 

Beginner- Move only to 7 feet.

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