Monday, May 21, 2012

Bozo Buckets

Sharpen your chipping

What to do:
For those who have seen the once popular children's show Bozo the Clown, today's drill is a take off the "Grand Prize Game", which came at the end of the show.  In this game, 6 buckets stretch out in front of the contestant, into which he or she must toss a ping-pong ball.  If the child manages to toss the ball into all the buckets consecutively, starting with the shortest and ending with the longest, a grand prize is awarded to the lucky player (usually a trip to Space Camp).  As a 4-5 year old kid I remember this show being a little creepy because of its host, an adult clown with enormous red hair, however this game always got my attention. 

I've taken the same basic idea and modified it slightly for golfers.  Take your most lofted club and 6 golf balls to the practice green.  Stand a range bucket up on a flat surface and drop a ball 3 feet away from it.  Drop another ball and 5 feet, another at 7 and so on until your 6 golf balls are arranged in a straight line extending away from the bucket.  Attempt to fly each ball into the bucket, starting with the closest and ending with the farthest.  See how many you're able to make, placing emphasis on the last your final "Grand Prize" shot.

How I did:
I only made 2 in my first attempt at this drill... will not be going to Space Camp.

Beginner- If you hit the bucket on the fly, count it as a bucket.

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