Monday, July 9, 2012

Indoor Chipping

'Rainy day' chipping game

What to do:
If you find yourself unable to practice outdoors for any reason, grab your most lofted wedge, a couple of golf balls and a cooler, hat, small trash can, etc. (something into which you're comfortable landing a golf ball, it will serve as a target for your chips). In a spacious room with carpeting, lay your target item down at an angle, then pace off 5 yards to the spot from which you'll chip.  In 10 minutes see how many shots you can fly into your target consecutively.  If you have a streak going and miss, start over and try again to beat your best number.   

How I did:
This past week I vacationed in the Outer Banks.  Last minute I decided to pack my putter, a wedge and two golf balls in hopes of getting some practice.  Since no golf courses lay within 2 hours of this island, this game provided a way to have fun while keeping my short game sharp.  My longest streak was 2... not very impressive.  One of my fellow vacationers made 4 in a row which was pretty good.  Make sure to turn any television screens away from your line of fire... we had a couple of close calls.

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