Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Putts, 4 Majors

Clutch putting

What to do:
You'll need your putter and just one ball for this game.  On a practice green, pick a putt from 10 feet and prepare to make the putt.  Read it just as you would on the 72nd hole of a major championship, say, the Masters. If you make this putt, you are Champion.  Use your whole imagination, painting the scene in as much detail as possible.  Once immersed in the moment, execute the putt.  Do this 3 more times, once for the U.S. Open, Once for the British, and once more for the PGA Championship.  How many majors did you win?

How I did:
I won the Masters and PGA Championship, making 2/4 putts. 

No Scaling.

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