Monday, August 6, 2012

Sand Ladder

Hone in your carry distances out of the greenside bunker

What to do:
Bring your sand-wedge and 7 golf balls to a practice sand trap.  Give yourself at least 30 yards of room in the direction you will be hitting your shots, and a flat lie in the sand from which to execute.  On your first shot try to barely land it outside of the bunker, just barely clearing the lip.  With each successive shot, to to carry your ball just past where the previous one came to rest.  If you fail to carry the lip on your first shot, start over.  If you fail to fly any shot past where the one before came to rest, start over.  Once you've finished, successfully executing all shots as desired, pace off the distance from your first ball to your last ball.  The shorter the distance, the more precise your shots must have been.

How I did:

Had to start over twice... once I finished the distance from my first ball to the last was 18 paces.  I think under 10 is a challenging yet attainable goal. 

Beginner- hit only 5 balls

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