Monday, August 27, 2012

Shortgame Assessment #2 Lag Putt

Sharpen your speed while assessing a critical part of your golf game

What to do:
You'll need your putter, 2 golf balls and a handful of tees.  Find a hole with enough green to allow you to hit a 50 foot putt.  Pace off 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, and finally 50 feet, marking each distance with a tee.  You're going to hit 2 putts from each distance, 8 putts total, measuring the proximity of each putt to the hole, then giving yourself points based on how close each putt came to rest from the cup.  The point system is as follows:

Holed-putt = 3 points
0-3 feet = 2 points
3-6 feet = 1 point
6-9 feet = 0 points
over 9 feet = -1 point

Go through it, giving each putt full effort, then total your points to see how you've fared. 

How I did:
I scored 15, leaving all but 1 putt within 3 feet.

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