Monday, September 3, 2012

Shortgame Assessment #3 Chip Shot

Continuation of the Shortgame Assessment, improve and assess your skill level on chip shots

What to do:
You'll be hitting 10 total chip shots, 5 from 40 feet and 5 from 60 feet.  Grab the club that you're most comfortable hitting medium length, running chip shots with (I used my sand wedge and 9-iron).  At the chipping green, select a hole to which you have room to hit a chip shot from 40 feet  (ideally, you should have to carry the ball over 10 feet of fringe, and have 30 feet of green to work with).  Once you've selected your 40 foot "chip shot", go ahead and hit 5 chips, trying your best to get each to stop as close to the hole as possible.  After each shot, either measure its proximity to the hole yourself, or better yet have a partner measure for you, then assign points based on how far each shot came to rest..  Here is the scoring system:

Holed-          3 points
0-3 feet-       2 points
3-6 feet-       1 point
6-9 feet-       0 points
over 9 feet-  (-1 ) point

Once you've calculated your score for the 40-foot chip shot, move on to the 60 foot chip shot.  Again, give yourself roughly 10 feet of fringe to fly the ball over and now 50 feet of green to work with.  Hit 5 more chips to this hole, and using the same scoring table try to rack up as many points as possible.  Once finished, add your points from both distances to get your "total chipping score". 

How I did:
10 points on the 40-footer and 9 points on the 60-footer for a TOTAL of 19. 

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