Monday, September 17, 2012

Shortgame Assessment #5 Bunker Shot

Sand-shot scoring system

What to do:
We are almost there... the fifth shot you'll be hitting will be a green side sand-shot, as today's title implies.  You'll need your sand-wedge, 5-10 balls and preferably a partner to help score each shot.  Pick a mid-range green side bunker shot, ideally somewhere around 15 paces, or 45 feet.  Make it as straightforward as possible, giving yourself preferred lies in the sand and enough green to allow for a reasonable amount of roll.  Once you've found your shot, hit 10 balls, scoring each one based on it's proximity to the hole.  Here's the point system:

Hole-out- 3 points
0-6 feet- 2 points
6-12 feet- 1 point
12-15 feet- 0 points
Over 15 feet- (-1) point

Record each shot's score, given it's distance from the pin, then total your points.

How I did:
I scored a 10 on the bunker shot.

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