Monday, September 10, 2012

Shortgame Assessment #4 Pitch Shot

Part 4 of the 6 shot short game assessment, pitching

What to do:
Take 5 golf balls and a wedge to a part of the chipping green with room to hit a 20 yard pitch shot (5 yards of carry and 15 of roll).  You will hit a total of 10 shots, attempting to hit each shot as close to the hole as possible.  You earn points based on how far each shot comes to rest from the hole.  The scoring system is as follows:

Hole-out - 3 points
0-6 feet - 2 points
6-9 feet - 1 point
9-12 feet - 0 points
Over 12 feet - (-1) point

How I did:
My score for pitching was 16. 

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