Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Putting Waves

Learn to sink important 3, 4, 5 and 6-foot putts again and again

What to do:
Take 6 golf balls and your putter to the practice green.  Select a hole located on a gentle slope.  Now, arrange your golf balls in a circle around the hole, spacing them evenly at distance of 3 feet.  Once you've formed a circle around the hole with a 3-foot radius, begin putting each in, one-by-one.  If you miss a putt, start over... you must make all six to move on.

Upon draining all six 3-footers, form a circle around the same hole with a radius of 4-feet (each putt should be 4-feet from the hole).  You are allowed to miss (1) putt from this distance.  Upon making at least 5/6 putts, move on and create a circle at 5-feet.  At 5 feet, (2) misses are allowed.

At the final distance of 6-feet, you are still only allowed (2) misses (you must make 4/6).  For an added challenge, mandate that the putt which will bring you to this number, 4 , must be holed.   If you fail to sink the fourth putt, start over*.

*To be clear, "starting over" means beginning again at the distance you are currently putting from.  For example, if you fail to complete the 4-foot circle, start over at that distance, do not go backwards to 3-feet.

How I did:

No results yet, look for them later today. 

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