Monday, November 14, 2011


 For making clutch 3, 4 and 5-foot putts
What to do:
In North-South-East-West fashion, place 4 tees around the hole, 3 feet away (about 1 putter length).  Do the same at 4 and 5 feet.  When you've done this you'll have 4 sets of 3 tees in the ground, 12 total, one for every putt you must make.  Pick a 3-footer and, going through your full routine first, make the putt.  In that same line, move back to the 4-footer and repeat the process, making the putt.  Do the same at 5-feet.  Once you've completed this line, making the 3-footer, 4-footer and 5-footer in a row, move counter- clockwise to the next tee line (East) and do it again.  The objective of this drill is to make all 12 putts in a row.  

My results from last week:
I completed this drill last week having to start over twice. 

This is a difficult drill.  Those last few putts are real nerve testers, and a miss challenges your patience.  When you do finish, confidence is born in your ability to sink those critical 3,4,5 footers. 

Scaled version:
Make one line of putts all in a row, then move on.  If you miss a putt on the next line, stay on that line, starting over at the 3-footer on that side.  Never return to a side that you've already completed (made the 3, 4, and 5 foot putts in a row).  


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  1. Watch the explanation for this drill on YouTube!