Monday, November 21, 2011

Field Goals

Full Swing, focusing on target

What to do:
While on the range, create a fairway roughly 25 yards wide by identifying right and left boundaries.  Starting with the shortest club in your bag (L-Wedge for me), hit one shot landing it within that boundary.  Go to the next shortest club in your bag and do it again, landing a second shot within your defined “goal posts”.  The object of this drill is to make it all the way to your driver.  If a ball lands outside your boundary points on any shot, you must return to the previous club.  For instance, if you’ve hit it in the fairway with your L-wedge, S-wedge, and P-wedge, then miss with the 9-iron, go back to the P-wedge and hit the fairway again with that club.  Full routine before every shot… don’t skip anything you normally do during play. 

How I did: 
I thought this piece of tedium up last Tuesday.   Unless you’re a masochist, make your fairway a little wider on the first go-around.   I missed once with the 8-iron, twice with the 6-iron, and then once with the 2-iron before splitting it with my driver.  Good luck… patience pays off with this one. 



  1. Is your focus (personally) always a straight shot? Or do you like to work the ball into the landing area?

  2. Gnik,

    I like hitting my stock shot every time (in my case a draw) when I do this one. I do it this way because this is how I prefer to play, avoiding working the ball too much, only when I have to. I think that's all you want for this drill because you are already mixing things up by switching clubs every shot.