Monday, November 28, 2011


Distance control on chipping... land your chips where you want

What to do:
Lay 2 clubs parallel to each other, about 2 feet apart, just on the green.  They should also lay parallel to the fringe.  Move off the green 1 yard.  Grab the club you chip with the most (in my case a 54 degree sand wedge) and hit a chip, attempting to fly the ball over the closest club and short of the second.  Do this 5 times, seeing the ball fly and land on a spot in between the clubs.  Once you land all 5 in a row between the clubs you're done with that distance... move back another yard and do it again.  Make it to 7 yards and you've finished!

How I did:
From 1 yds: 1 try
          2 yds: 1 try
          3 yds: 2 tries
          4 yds: 5 tries
          5 yds: 2 tries
          6 yds: 1 try
          7 yds: 5 tries

I love this drill.  Most good chippers focus on a 'spot' on which they want to land their ball, and this drill speaks directly to that.  It forces me to chip with solid contact, focusing on nothing but my target.  I like to put a quarter in the middle of the 2 clubs... that really narrows my focus. 

Intermediate- spread club 3 feet apart, only move back 5 yards
Beginner- spread the club 3 feet apart, only move back 3 yards

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  1. Tried this one again a few days ago, 11/29. Fared better...

    1yd- 1st try
    2yds- 2nd try
    3yds- 2nd try
    4yds- 1st try
    5yds- 1st try
    6yds- 1st try
    7yds- 2nd try