Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dear Golfers,

Hello and welcome!  My name is Eddie, and I am a playing professional on the road to the PGA Tour.  While this blog will include links to my competitive progress, I did not create it to write about my results in competition.  Rather, I aim to share with you an integral part of my practice and preparation... the use of drills and games.

How many times have you gone to the driving range or putting green and left it feeling more confused than when you arrived?  This happens to everyone, myself included, which is why I value practice games so much.   They force me to shift my focus away from useless swing thoughts or any other distractions,  and onto what really matters... controlling where I want the golf ball to go and how I want it to get there. 

The format is simple: every Monday I intend to post a Game of the Week for you and I to complete.  I promise to be honest and post my true results, be they good or bad... if you wish, use them as a benchmark as you attempt to complete the Game of the Week yourself, or push me to improve by posting better results than mine!

The games themselves will also be simple, requiring no special props, gadgets, training aids or anything else.  The most you might need is a chalk line, an alignment stick, or tees.  Most of my games steer clear of technique. Rather they are task oriented with a clear objective (i.e. make 10 putts in a row from 3 feet).  I find this type of practice to be the most beneficial and fun! 

A fair warning, some of these games will be very challenging.  Challenge is good, but you may run into a drill that might take you past the point of beneficial practice.  For this reason I'll offer scaled versions when necessary (i.e. make 5 putts in a row, as opposed to 10, from 3 feet).  Complete what you can.  What really matters is that you are consistent and follow along, pushing yourself to complete each weekly game, scaling when absolutely necessary.  If you do this results will show on your scorecard.

I hope this introduction finds you well... look for the first Game of the Week tomorrow!  Always feel free to ask questions or leave comments, I will do my best to respond.  



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