Monday, January 30, 2012

Line Putting

For seeing line and speed on 3-7 foot putts
What to do:
Grab 5 balls and your putter.  Pick a putt and drop one ball down 3 feet away from the edge of the hole.  Drop the next ball down about 4 feet away from the hole, staying on the line of the original putt.  Drop a third ball down at 5 feet… you should now begin to see the balls form a line in ‘single file’ fashion.  Repeat at 6 and 7 feet.  Once you’ve arranged each ball along a line directed at the hole, start at the 3-footer and knock it in.  Step back and make the 4-footer.  Repeat until you’ve made all 5 putts in the line in a row.  If you miss, arrange the balls back into the original line and start over. 

Try this first on a straight putt and then move on to a putt with more break.  If you do choose a putt with break, make sure the line follows the break directly toward the hole.  For example, if the putt you choose breaks from right-to-left, the line should arc out to the right back to the center.  The balls should be placed along this break line. 

How I did:
When I do this drill I will complete this drill on all four sides of the hole.  This mixes up the speed at which I must hit the putt and also the type of break I must play.  Once I’ve finished say, the ‘straight’ putt I do not return to it, even if I move on to the next line and miss.  I only start over at the line I’m currently on. 

This is a great game for seeing you’re the line of your putt more clearly.  After completing this drill you’ll have a greater feel for both the speed of a short putt and how that speed corresponds to line.  It’s great for confidence because you’ll fill the cup with 5 putts in a row.

No Scaling.

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