Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eyes Closed

Enhance rhythm and feel

What to do:
Starting with a wedge, work your way up the bag hitting one shot with your eyes open, then one with your eyes closed.  Once you've done this, pick a club you struggle with and hit a succession of shots, all of them with your eyes closed.  You'll find that even only after a few shots your feel will be greatly heightened.  In order to find the center of the club-face, your setup, rhythm and balance must all work together.  This drill increases your ability to make this happen, building confidence in your natural swing. 

How I did:
My first attempts at hitting balls with my eyes shut were pretty embarrassing, so I wouldn't expect flush shots immediately.  Stay patient and don't try to overwork the club.  Just make a loose, rhythmical swing, letting the ball get in the way.  This is what I had to do, and after a while I was able to find the center of the club pretty consistently.  What I also noticed is my ball flight straightened out dramatically.  Part of this surely has to do with a slower club head speed.  However, because your swing falls into proper sequence, minimal distance is lost.

Beginner- try chipping and pitching with your eyes closed before moving on the full swings

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