Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Round the Green

Chipping repetition and confidence building

What to do:
Take 3 balls and a wedge to the chipping green.  Pick a hole and drop your 3 balls, spacing them about 1 yard apart, extended out in front of you.  Hit the first ball, attempting to make the chip.  Hit the remaining two chips and retrieve them.  Move counter- clockwise in this fashion all the way around the chipping green, chipping to the same hole and attempting to make each shot.  You may find that at certain points around the green you will have more or less green to work with.  Adjust the distance from the green, giving yourself enough room so that the wedge you chip with fits the shot in front of you (for example, most likely you would not hit a long bump and run with a 60 degree lob wedge, nor would you hit a high flop with a pitching wedge.  So, move back if you have too much green to work with, or move up if you have too little so that the club you're using fits the shot).  When you've completed a full circle around the green, total your hole-outs.

How I did:
Last Saturday I used my 60 degree lob wedge and had 3 hole outs.

Scaling:  None

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