Monday, April 30, 2012

Wheelhouse Wedges

Sharpen wedge game from scoring distances

What to do:
When actually playing a round on the golf course, play a shot from the 100 yard marker on every other hole.  Go through your full routine and execute the shot to the best of your ability.  Over 18 holes this will afford you 9 quality shots from around 100 yards (Each hole will be a different distance given different pin placements.  For example, a back pin might leave you 115 yards, and a front pin may give you an 85 yard shot).  If your playing partners don't mind, try doing this over the course of 5 rounds and I promise you'll see drastic improvement in your wedge-play. 

How I did:
Sometimes I will actually play out my shots for added pressure and practice... try if you like. 

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