Monday, January 2, 2012

Long, Medium, Short

All around putting

What to do:
Take one ball and your putter to the putting green and pick a long putt (over 30 feet).  Go through you full pre-shot routine and then hit the putt.  Finish if you miss, and make note of how many putts it took to hole out... you'll be keeping score for this drill.  Now, on the second hole pick a medium length putt (15-25 feet) and repeat the process.  Once you've holed out on the second hole, pick a short putt (5-8 feet) for the third.  Repeat the process again.  Play 9 holes in this fashion, alternating from long, to medium, to short, then back to long again and so on.  When you are finished you should have completed 3 long holes, 3 medium, and 3 short.  Aim for 15 (3-under the par of 18 if every hole is a par 2).

How I did:
Had to play this game twice before getting to -3.  I feel like I'm really in playing mode after this one.  Hitting different length putts and having to post a number under a little bit of pressure simulates what we actually encounter on the course. The mind stays engaged, making it extremely productive practice. 

Beginners- Aim for even-par, 18.
Intermediate- Go for 2-under, 16. 

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