Monday, January 16, 2012

Leap Frog Putting

Great for feel and gauging speed

What to do:

Grab a golf ball, your putter, 2 tees and a handful of ball markers or coins.  Go to a spot on the practice green where you will have room to hit a 40 foot putt... it should be relatively flat.  Put one tee about 20 feet (7 paces) in the ground in front of you.  Next, place a tee at 40 feet (13 paces) in front of you along the same line.  Now you are ready to start the drill.  Begin by hitting a putt just past the first tee at 20 feet.  If you do in fact make it past, mark the spot where it stopped, and attempt to hit a second putt a little farther than the spot you marked.  Repeat in this fashion.  Try to fit as many putts in between the 20 and 40 feet boundaries, hitting each one a little farther than the previous.  In other words, 'leap frog' each putt you hit by hitting the next putt past the mark from the one before it.  If at any point you not hit a putt past the spot where the previous one stopped, game over.  If, as you get closer to 40 feet, you hit a putt past the 40 feet mark, game over.  How many can you get in between 20 and 40 feet?

How I did:
6 was my number yesterday, before I hit a putt past the 40 feet mark.  Defnitely room for improvement.  I really like this drill because it zeros in my speed and really gets me focused on solid contact.  With solid contact comes a consistent roll, which in turn leads to better control over your distance for a putt.  

Doing this one with your eyes closed can add another element to this drill,  enhancing your feel on each putt, helping build better muscle memory.  Try closing your eyes just before you hit the putt... open them after the ball has been struck. 

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