Monday, January 9, 2012

21 for Chipping

Fun points game that sharpens your chipping

What to do:
Pick either your lob wedge or sand wedge, whichever you'd prefer to practice with, and grab 5 balls.  Drop 4 tees around the chipping green at 4 different locations, giving yourself 4 diverse shots.  Start at the first tee and hit all 5 balls, going through your full routine.  Then measure with your club how far away each shot ended up and total your points for that hole (points below).  Repeat this at all 4 stations.  The point system is as follows:  

Over 2 club-lengths- 0pts
1-2 club lengths from the hole- 1pt
Inside 1 club length- 2pts
In the hole- 3pts

To finish you must score 21 or higher.  Try to finish within the 4 selected holes... if you do it means you averaged within 2 club lengths on every shot.  See explanation below:

5 shots * 4 stations = 20 total shots... 1 point for every shot within 2 club lengths, and if every one is within that range that gives you 20 points... to get 21 requires at least one  2-pointer.  If you finish at or above 40 it means your average shot was within 1 club length!

How I did:
I used my 54 degree, selected 4 holes that were all a little different, and played from a drop rather than giving myself preferred lies.  After 4 holes, my score was 29.  Your results may be different depending on the types of holes you select and the types of lies you give yourself.  

Scaling:  To scale for this one, vary each hole's difficulty depending on your skill level.  This requires some subjective judgment.  Make sure that getting to 21 is not too easy... challenge yourself to get something out of this one.   

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