Monday, January 23, 2012


Shot-making and visualization

This game can be played alone or with multiple people.  This week I'll offer the 1-Player version.  (Look for the multi-player version in the coming weeks)

What to do:
After warming up, grab a 6-iron and prepare to hit 9 consecutive shots, each combining different heights and curvatures (see below). 

1. High               Straight
2. Medium         Straight
3. Low               Straight
4. High               Draw
5. Medium         Draw
6. Low               Draw
7. High               Fade
8. Medium         Fade
9. Low               Fade

Each time you attempt a shot and do not get both the height and curve correct, give yourself a letter as you would in the basketball version.  For instance, if you pull off the 'High Straight' shot and then attempt the 'Medium Straight' and accidentally fade it, then you have an "H".  Make it to the last shot, the 'Low Fade', without spelling "HORSE" and you've completed the game.  If you're a HORSE before getting to the last shot then start over.

How I did:
To be honest I haven't yet tried the 1-player version of this drill yet :)... thought it up just now, and I am anxious to give it a try.  Look for my results very soon!

Beginner- Avoid spelling "HOLEINONE"
Intermediate- Avoid spelling "BIRDIES"

Tour- Avoid spelling "PIG"

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